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I'm currently working in the Kanchipurum district of Tamil Nadu India with Restless Development ICS, a youth focused charity that aims to improve young people's knowledge on the top health an livelihoods issues. On placement we spend a lot of our time teaching in local secondary schools on issues such as vector born diseases, the importance of good hygiene and physical fitness; as well as careers guidance and advice, and basic English lessons. The rest of our time is spent in the nearby villages, working with women's groups and youth who have dropped out of education, to try and help them devise plans for a more secure future. ICS (the International Citizen Service) is a government funded program that aims to improve the lives of those in developing countries, whilst creating active UK citizens that will continue to have a positive development impact after the program's end.

Right now we're working on a campaign for next weeks World toilet day, encouraging people to use toilets, as its estimated that even today almost 50% of Indian families practice public deification.


Mabel Bachini - November 2014


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