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Settling in - the Boarding Houses


We have three co-educational boarding houses which welcome students from  Year 7 through to Year 13. Students stay with the same houseparents throughout their time at Sexey’s and develop a strong bond with their staff and a tremendous sense of belonging – many friendships last a lifetime.

New students are often experiencing an extended period away from home for the first time and every effort is made to make them feel welcome and to support them in settling in. Each house has between 4 and 8 of each gender giving staff the opportunity to devote time to each individual. Many activities are organised for all students in a year group allowing students to develop friendships with all of their peers.  All new students are given a student buddy to guide them through the first few weeks. Senior students act as mentors and prefects for the youngsters and a strong family feeling is established in each house.



The houses – Coombe, Lisbury and Macmillan- all operate the same routines and rules but each has a very individual identity. They are close to each other and in the evening students mix freely, visiting their friends in other houses. Each house has four resident housestaff sharing the duties and non-resident staff assist in the evenings so that there are three staff on duty each evening. We also welcome Gap students from Australia, France, Germany and China who are important elements in the pastoral care of the students.



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