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Intermediate Theatre Sports PosterTheatre Sports

"We are here in the name of our favourite game,
We support the team we thought would gather the most fame.
But if our team should fail,
Let common sense prevail,
Remember, it's only a game...

So Theatre Sports fans arise, with stars in your eyes,
We're gathered here to see how well out team can Improvise.
But win, lose or draw, don't be a bore,
Remember, it's only a game,
Remember, it's only a game."


The Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt not block
2. Thou shalt always retain focus
3. Thou shalt no shine above thy team-mates
4. To gag is to commit a sin that will be paid for
5. Thou shalt always be changed by what you say
6. Thou shalt not waffle
7. When in doubt, break the routine
8. To wimp is to show thy true self
9. She/He that tries to be clever is not
10. When thy faith is low and thy team is losing be comforted and smile because it just doesn't matter


Theatre Sports is part of the Bint Shield competition, where each house enters a group who will complete improvisation tasks to gain points. The judges of the competition rate each performance on technique, story-line and entertainment value.




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