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Another year of outstanding public examination results

GCSE: Sexey’s students perform well in first year of GCSE exam reforms

Our students have performed well in the first year of the new GCSE examination reforms, achieving 25% A*-A (as compared with 20% nationally) and 83% A*-C grades (as compared with 66% nationally). This grading includes the conversion of the reformed numerical grades adopted in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics for the first time this year into the old style letter grades that continue to be awarded in other subjects until 2018.

Looking only at the numerical grades for English and Mathematics, Sexey’s Level 9-4 percentage is 91%, as compared with the national level of 50%.

Commenting on the results, Sexey’s School’s Headmaster Mr. Irfan Latif said, “This has been an exceptional year, not only with the introduction of examination reforms that have proven tough for students nationally – the top grades have reportedly plummeted to their lowest level in a decade - but also in terms of educational funding, meaning that teachers have had to work extra hard with less support. Against this backdrop, I am extremely proud of our students and staff for achieving these admirable GCSE results, which are again much higher than the national average. I look forward to working with many of them in the next part of their academic journey into our successful Sixth Form.”

Deputy Headteacher Mr. Dan Bull added, "While I am delighted for all of our students and colleagues who have worked so hard to achieve strong results in such a difficult climate of change, I am particularly proud of those students who have worked really hard to meet, and frequently exceed, their targets. My particular congratulations go to nine students - Isabella Birt, Lucia Elliott, Martha Everest, Jocasta Fay, Harriet Ford, Elena Gaffney, George Patterson, Madeleine Spicer-Ralfe and Josue Stengler Hansen - who achieved significantly higher than predicted. We wish all of our students the very best in their future studies or careers.” Happy faces at Sexeys GCSE

Particularly noteworthy students include a long roster of high-achievers:

- Jocasta Fay, 10 A*-A (2 Level 8s, Level 7, 3 A*, 4 A)
- Bryan Chow, 9 A*-A (2 Level 8s 5 A*, 2 A)
- Lucia Elliott, 9 A*-A (2 Level 7s, 3 A*, 4 A)
- Isabella Birt, 8 A*-A (2 Level 7s, 2 A*, 4 A)
- Ella Bowker, 7 A*-A (Level 8, Level 7, 5 A)
- Samuel Craigie, 7 A*-A (2 Level 7s, 1 A*, 4 A)
- Rosa Scott McCarthy, 7 A*-A (Level 8, Level 7, 2 A*, 3 A)
- Charles Scott, 7 A*-A (Level 9, Level 7, 1 A*, 4 A)
- Jack Lecerf, 7 A*-A (Level 9, Level 7, 5 A)

- James Thornton, 7 A*-A (Level 7, 2 A*, 4 A)

- Harold Bewley, 6 A*-A (Level 8, Level 7, 1 A*, 3 A)

Mrs Grace and Mr Grant Fay, Jocasta’s mother and father said, “I’m so pleased with the support Jocasta’s had over the years at Sexey’s and I’m so proud of her success today – especially in such a tough year of exams. Thank you so much to everyone involved in helping her to get this far.”

Jocasta added, “I would just like to say thank you to all the teachers for all their support and all my peers in class, well done everyone!”

Destination percentages for KS4 are as follows:

KS4 Destinations pie chart














A Level: Record breaking A Level success

Our students are celebrating record-breaking A Level results today, with 41% of students achieving A*-A grades – the highest percentage ever seen at the School and an uptick of 6% on last year – 69% achieving A*-B, and 88% achieving A*-C grades.

Sexey’s results are well above the national level published by the Joint Council for Qualifications, as follows: A*-A 41% (Sexey’s) versus 26.3% (national), A*-B 69% (Sexey’s) versus 53.1% (national) A*-C 88% (Sexey’s) versus 77.4% (national).

Commenting, Headmaster Mr. Irfan Latif said, “In a climate where financial pressures on education are especially great, I am so proud of our students and teachers for achieving another year of record-breaking results. They are testament to the outstanding teaching that our students receive here at Sexey’s, with staff going above and beyond to help our students achieve their very best. My huge congratulations go to our students, who have demonstrated their ability to prepare themselves so well for their examinations - and by extension, their future lives both at university and in industry. We wish them all the very best for their future.”  Proud parents at Sexeys 2017

Mr Dan Bull, Deputy Head, added, “Exam results aren’t the only goal of education, but they are a helpful benchmark. I would particularly like to congratulate those students who achieved two or more grades higher than originally predicted at the start of their A Level course. At Sexey’s, we seek to provide a supportive and caring environment for students to achieve their maximum potential and we are so pleased that this year’s results attest to this. I wish them all the best as they continue their studies at some of the most selective and prestigious universities or enter a competitive employment market with a strong academic foundation. In this vein, congratulations also goes to our Head Boy Maximillian Kaberry as he goes to Sandhurst to pursue his career.”

Sexeians with particularly noteworthy successes in 2017 include:

• Caitlin Barnicoat, A* (Biology), A (Chemistry), A* (Psychology), A* (EPQ), going to Bath to read Pharmacy
• Lauren Costelloe, A* (Business), A* (Sociology), A (Psychology), going to Exeter to read Psychology and Criminology
• Christian Wye, A* (Mathematics), A* (Further Mathematics), A (Statistics), A (Physics), destination TBC
• Olamide Olasunkanmi, A (Business), A* (Food Technology), A* (Sociology), B (EPQ), going to Sheffield Hallam International to read Hospitality with Business Management
• Oliver Perkins, A (Chemistry), A* (Maths), A (Physics), going to Bristol to read Mechanical Engineering
• Chloe Collingridge, A (Business), A* (Psychology), A (Sociology), going to Birmingham to read Psychology
• Elisha Hamblin, Dist* Dist* (PE), A* (Psychology), B (Biology), going to Bath to read Sports and Exercise Science
• Lauren Costelloe, A* (Business), A* (Sociology), A (Psychology), going to Exeter to read Psychology and Criminology
• Delilah Ackworth, A (English), A (Government & Politics), A (History), A (EPQ), going to Bristol to read Theatre and English
• Ollie Marsh, A (Chemistry), A (Mathematics), A (Physics), going to Leeds to read Natural Sciences
• Victoria Regan, A (Biology), A (Chemistry), A (Maths), A* (EPQ), going to Bath to read Chemical Engineering
• Abigail Butt, A (Biology), A (Chemistry), A (English)
• Georgia Silcox, A (Psychology), Dist* Dist* (PE), C (Biology), going to Bath to read Sports and Exercise Science
• George Stewart Sendell, A (Art), A (English), A (History), Gap Year
• Mary White, A (English), A (History), A (Psychology), going to Bristol to read Liberal Arts

Commenting, Marie Patch, Mother, said, “I am absolutely delighted with my daughter Gwen’s results. I’d like to give a big thank you to all the Sixth Form staff for not only providing academic and educational support for the students, but particularly for the personal commitment that they give to the children.”

Mrs Linda Nixon, Director of Sixth Form and Assistant Head said, “Clearly I am delighted by another year of outstanding results, but I would like to stress that at Sexey’s, we embrace a culture in education that goes beyond percentages, and awards our students’ passions for bigger life goals, aspirations and values. Our dedicated staff – who regularly go over and above both in and out of the academic arena - work hard to promote those qualities.”



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