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There is a modern School Health Centre staffed by nursing sisters who provide comprehensive medical care and holistic care 24 hours a day. A Health Education information area is situated in the Health Centre and health advisory clinics are held regularly. Our local GP carries out routine medical inspections during each pupil’s school career, however parents are requested to make their own arrangements, preferably during the holidays, for routine dental, orthodontic and optical appointments except where parents live overseas or a considerable distance away.

Due to the number of boarders, it would be appreciated if parents could provide transport for appointments made during term time, with the aforementioned exceptions when the school will invoice parents for the entailed cost.

Medical in Confidence

Health CentreNursing staff will always advise and encourage pupils to discuss medical and health matters with their parents/guardian. However, all school staff are required to comply with the NHS guidance regarding ‘Medical in Confidence’. In line with the Fraser Guidelines no information of a medical nature will be discussed or disclosed to any other person without the patients consent, other than where the rules regarding child protection and safeguarding apply; this includes parents/guardians.

The Health Centre is attended 24 hours a day by a qualified nurse. Students who have a medical issue may attend surgery in the morning or afternoon or may be referred to the Health Centre at other times by the Boarding House staff or School Office. Appointments with the Doctor are arranged on site or at the Bruton Surgery as required.

A counselling service is available on site with further referrals being made to appropriate agencies.
All Boarding students are registered with the Bruton Surgery. When necessary students are accommodated in the Health Centre or, if appropriate, parents are contacted for students to be taken home. All requests for boarders to leave school on medical grounds must go through the Health Centre.

Parents are kept informed by the Health Centre of their children's Health issues where appropriate.
Parents will always be contacted, wherever possible, about any special treatments the School Medical Officer considers necessary or for any emergency which may arise but will not be informed by Sister about every day ailments such as colds, coughs and sore throats. Parents are requested to inform Sister about medical care which their children may have received during holiday times, or if they are ill and unfit to return to school.
If a pupil requires specialist medical treatment every effort will be made to obtain the prior consent of the parent, guardian or student themselves if the student is over 18.
Should this be impossible in the time available, the Headmaster or senior house staff, under their duty of care is authorised to give valid consent for such treatment (including anaesthetic or operation) as may be recommended by the School Medical Officer.

Medical conditions, regardless of the length of time of the condition, must be reported to the Nursing Sister. All medicines, must be handed in either to the House Staff or preferably to the Nursing Sister, this includes over the counter or non-prescription drugs, including paracetamol.

Conditions which require pupils to self administer any form of medication must be discussed with Nursing Sister. Sister, in consultation with parents, pupil and where appropriate Housestaff, will determine the safest and most appropriate method of controlling and administering the medication. Unless it is vital to the pupil’s welfare all medications will be stored and dispensed from the Health Centre.

Although considered to be relatively safe paracetamol is not to be brought in to school or boarding houses (unless advised by a doctor). These can be supplied by the Nursing Sister on an as required basis. If these are advised by a doctor then the above procedure should be followed.

There is also a school nurse specialising in sports fixtures and sports injuries.


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