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The aim of Physical Education (PE) at Sexey’s School is to encourage students to be physically active and to promote lifelong participation in sporting activities in both the competitive and recreational sector. Being physically active is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and we aim to promote the health and wellbeing of all students though mass participation in all areas of PE.

Key Stage 3
Female student after cross country run, smilingStudents follow a broad foundation course in Physical Education. Traditional games like football, rugby, netball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, basketball and hockey are taught through games-related activities; conditioned games, small-sided games and ultimately in the full version so that students can understand the principles involved in a team game. Life skills such as communication, cooperation, problem solving and interpersonal skills are also fundamental to every lesson and students are encouraged to be involved in class discussions involving evaluation and analysis of performance and appreciating their individual and peer strengths and areas for development.

Individual skills practices are included in preparation for the competitive aspects; swimming, athletics and cross-country balance the curriculum so that the vital areas of speed, strength, stamina, suppleness and skill all have opportunities to develop. Aesthetic qualities are experienced through dance activities.

Classes are set based on the previous year’s assessment models or a baseline assessment at the start of Year 7. The assessment is based on the current KS3 Foundation, Developing, Secure, Mastery model and the PE department aims to provide a differentiated learning environment whereby pupils participate to the best of their ability in every lesson.

Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11
Rugby player stands on pitchThe principles introduced in KS3 are developed, though naturally some students discover particular interests and begin to specialise. Students are set into two groups; competitive and recreational. Both groups will have the opportunity to experience a range of sports throughout the year but the students who have ‘opted’ or are ‘selected’ for the competitive group will form the main part of the school teams. The recreational group will still take part in competitive game play but the emphasis is on exercising for lifelong participation and health and wellbeing.

Inter-House Competitions
A full range of Inter-House competitions, in almost 50 age group activities enables a large number of students to compete in various teams, and the organisation for practices and team selection is largely undertaken by students themselves. Similarly, school teams are run by the PE Department with help from other staff and the more talented students are given every opportunity to represent in their specialist sport. Examples include: Yeovil Area or Somerset County, JCA Hockey & Somerset Netball Academies.

Inter-House Cross-Country and Sports Day are inclusive events and the emphasis is on mass participation and supporting the Houses and one another. These events have grown in popularity in the last few years and the PE Department has taken every care to ensure that the events such as Cross County are safe – we run with the students through every practice run! Sixth form runners at cross country race

In terms of assessment, students in Years 7-9 receive regular effort assessment grades on a scale of 1-9 which are recorded and communicated to parents. The score is based on the Foundation to Mastery Pyramid and pupils have sport specific assessment grids available in the changing room and in assessment lessons. In addition, every student receives a long report in line with whole-school policy, the main criteria being attitude, effort and progress.

Extra curricular Clubs and School Sport
We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme at Sexey’s School and all students are encouraged to attend Judo in sports halltraining and play for school teams. Training is normally held on Tuesdays 4-5pm for all year groups. Matches/fixtures are held either in games afternoons or after school. We enter our teams into the local leagues against other state schools as well as playing friendly matches against Millfield Prep, All Hallows, Millfield, Stonar, Leweston, Dauntseys, Beechen Cliff, KES, Monkton Combe, Kings, BSG, Milton Abbey and Clayesmore. We competed in over 220 fixtures last year and made it to the County Finals in Hockey and Netball. We are also current Somerset County SASP winners in U13 Netball and Hockey.

All pupils are expected to wear the appropriate kit to take part in PE. The kit list for each individual activity can be found in the handbook. In addition to the essential items the PE department have worked with Stevensons and produced ‘performance wear’ which should allow students to be more comfortable when taking part.

New additions to the kit are the colour house athletic vests which can be worn over a plain black t-shirt or their polo. Ladies running tights with the Sexey’s logo on the back of the leg-these are the only running tights that may be worn by students from September 2017. We have also selected a range of performance jackets which if purchased may be worn in lessons and to fixtures.

Health and safety: inhalers, jewellery and hair
Any medical requirements such as inhalers and epi-pens should be carried by the student to all PE lessons, clubs and fixtures.

If hair is long enough to fall in the face then it must be tied back. There are no exceptions to this rule when participating in lessons, extra-curricular clubs or fixtures. This applies to males and females.

All jewellery must be removed and we ask that ears are only pierced in the summer holiday. Students should be able to remove their own jewellery prior to any lesson. The PE department are not responsible for the loss of any items or piercings closing up over the course of the lesson.

Updated June 2017



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